Files Cleansing Solution

Enjoy a zero-malware system by checking the legitimacy of your files. DigiSAFE File Cleansing Solution employs whitelisting and blacklisting policies, as well as detection engines, to remove any persistent threat to your data files and safeguard against intrusion.


Customisable System Interfaces and Access Control Policy

Allow files to be uploaded and downloaded through Web Portal UI, API, or folders sharing Configurable processing workflow based on file types and policy-based access control based on different user groups

Plug-and-Play with Malware of Detection Engines

Supports integration with any malware detection engines

Ease of System Integration and Scalability

May be deployed with DigiSAFE Data Diode, Email Gateway, or Files Archival System. Scalable hardware sizing depending on data processing requirements


DigiSAFE File Cleansing Solution is designed to ensure that files are free from embedded malware. It is architected based on the principles of isolating good data, and minimal system maintenance. Together with the DigiSAFE Data Diode, the integrated solution enables trusted networks to be protected from both malware intrusion and information leakage.

The “cleansing” operation begins with the True-File-Type Detection to check the legitimacy of the files. Based on the File Type, both whitelisting and blacklisting policies can be applied. The solution can also work with nested “container” files, e.g. ZIP, email message, etc.

For Data Files that can be transformed, e.g. MS Office, PDF, etc., File Conversion or Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) operations can be applied to extract the good user data. For application-specific data files which cannot be transformed, eg. AutoCAD, customised parser and checker can be developed to ensure the content integrity and validity of the files. For added assurance, these files should be scanned using the OpCode Detection Engine to ensure that there is no residual machine code in the data files. These processes are highly effective to remove any advanced persistent threat (APT) or zero-day malware.

For Binaries, e.g. IT applications or patches, the most effective solution is to use a combination of signature-based multi-AV engines, and signatureless machine learning AV engines.

Customisable System Interfaces and Access Control Policy

The Files Cleansing Controller allows files to be uploaded through web UI, API or folders sharing. Policy-based access control can be applied to different users, e.g blacklisted files types, approval workflow, etc.

Plug-and-Play with Myriad of Detection Engines

The solution can easily integrate with any malware detection engines, e.g. sandbox solutions. This flexibility allows the CIO to adopt the most cost-effective malware detection engines without a need to overhaul the IT architecture.

Ease of System Integration and Scalability

The solution is designed to deploy together with Data Diode, Email Gateway, or Files Archival System. The hardware sizing is scalable depending on the amount of data processing required.

The target customers are the government, defences, financial institutions, and high-tech companies.


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