PhoneCrypt M100

Secure communications from your Android smartphone with PhoneCrypt M100. Using VoIP/IM Android application with secret credentials stored in a cryptographic MicroSD card, PhoneCrypt M100 provides true end-to-end encryption, ensuring your office communication is protected from any network intrusions.


End-to-End encryption

End-to-end secure voice conversation and instant messaging between the clients through the backend PhoneCrypt system

Layer 3 IPSec security providing maximum security

Guaranteed traffic flow confidentiality and provides safeguards against eavesdropping and other communication intrusions

Supports AES algorithm

Tighter data confidentiality is ensured with Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA), while Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocols adds another layer of integrity protection and user authentication

Excellent voice quality

Ensures crystal-clear voice communication without any delay

Easy installation and supporting dynamic IP addressing

Allows simplified phone system management and easier management of resources

Plug-and-play functionality

Perfect for travellers and provides greater convenience for remote office management

Encrypted storage system

Back-end system comprised of encrypted storage system for contacts and protects confidential data against unauthorised access


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