NetCrypt U2000

DigiSAFE NetCrypt U2000 is a high performance IP encryptor that enables the user to leverage on public Ethernet/IP infrastructure to connect to multiple sites in a secure manner. NetCrypt U2000 employs AES algorithms for data confidentiality, Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) for integrity protection as well as Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocols for keys derivations and authentications. The built-in Firewall performs packet filtering and supports NAT/PAT features.


high-assurance ip encryptor with firewall capabilities
High-assurance IP encryptor with firewall capabilities

Supports Layer 2 and Layer 3 encryption capability

1Gbps throughput aggregate

Zero-loss encrypted throughput up to 1Gbps (depending on IP packet size and used encryption mode)

IPSec standards-based encryption, authentication, digital certificates, and key management
Supports AES algorithm

Encryption Algorithm AES-CBC (256 bit) for data confidentiality and Secure Hash Algorithm (up to SHA2-512 bits) for integrity protections.

Supports 800 concurrent IPSec tunnels

Capable of establishing IPsec tunnels to 800 nodes

Easy deployment in existing network

Ideal as a security gateway in a corporate LAN, site-to-site VPN, or site-to-site wireless inter-offices connectivity

Redundant Power Supplies

Minimal impact from power failures to ensure high-availability and suitable for deployment in critical infrastructure

19” rack mountable

1U, network rack-mounting space, allowing saving on network rack space


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