Black Computer D100

Surf both the intranet and internet without compromising productivity. Black Computer D100 is a desktop computer which provides you hardware-defined network isolation to protect against malware entering from unsecured networks and malicious programmes.


Performs Network Isolation

Dual operating systems enable users to access trusted (intranet) and untrusted (internet) networks at the same time.

Self-Recovery System to Brand New State

Reset-on-Boot feature wipes out malware and starts the operating system in a clean state.

Multi-Layered Security Approach

Security features such as IP-based firewall, GeoIP-based fencing, and intrusion detection system with security embedded at Secure-BIOS level.

Remote Management and Forensics Support

Manages and pushes down policies from the backend such as dynamic white-listing of USB devices. Supports forensics investigation from the command centre immediately upon detection of threats.


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